Hello, I’m Holly.



I’m a wife, mother, homemaker, self-taught weaver and designer and founder of Wool Haven. I weave one-of-a-kind signature Merino wool children’s blankets . . . truly, the perfect blanket for littles!

My husband, Steve, and I, along with our daughters, Elsie and Sydney, own and live out in the country on a small farm in West Michigan.  Here we shepherd beautiful Merino sheep. We also have a flock of laying chickens and a sweetie of an indoor cat, Solomon.

Wool Haven was born from a desire for more quality and a distaste for excess. If you value mindful consumption, practicality, attention to detail, sustainability, and a lighter, more intentional way of living, you’re in the right place! We believe in togetherness and warmth which is why we’ve precisely created our blankets with a child’s comfort in mind.

Using only the highest quality, 100% GOTS- certified organic Merino wool yarns that are hand-dyed with all-natural dyes, each blanket is woven in love. Our attention to details allows you to feel the exceptional attributes of our carefully selected material.

After each blanket is woven, I then finish each entirely by hand using an intricate process of both hand-weaving and felting, allowing each blanket to be solely comprised of this soft, breathable, spectacular Merino wool!

Please enjoy exploring our website. I created it just for you that it may be a safe place, an inviting space, a true wool haven.

It’s very nice to meet you!

We give you our best from our little farm,

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P.S. To learn more about the many wonderful benefits of our Merino wool blankets, click here.